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Consulting Services

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Strategic Disability Consulting

Bespoke disability-inclusion solutions for Arts and Social Service organizations. Ideal for clients who are ready to take bold steps to create more welcoming and equitable program offerings and organizations. 

Professional Development Workshops

Disability-related workshops to meet every organization's disability-related professional development needs. Core offerings include Disability 101 for Organizations, Access Features and Where to Find Them, and Planning for Access, which together offer organizations a foundational set of practices and principles for success in disability-inclusion. 

Program Design and Facilitation

Design and facilitation for disability-targeted programs or research projects. Specializing in community-arts interventions, identity development, and leadership training for disabled participants. Working from a disability-justice perspective Shay is particularly effective in serving disabled people whose needs are not served by current systems or programs.

Broadcast/Digital Media Consultation

Specialized solutions and services for the Broadcast and Digital Media sector. Ideal for production companies, broadcasters, or media organizations looking to plan disability-related productions or disability-targeted sector programs. 

Artist Workshops

Accessible and inclusive art workshops for all ages and communities. Artistic practices include: Dance/movement (contemporary and contact improv forms), mixed media, textile arts, and poetry. Term-teaching and program

facilitation is also available. 


Disability Dramaturgy and Access for Performance

Production support for creators at all stages of the artistic process. Services include: disability dramaturgy, script review, creative access feature development, and developing accessibility strategies for rehearsals and touring. 

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