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Building worlds

- real and imagined - 

Where disabled people thrive

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Meet Shay

Shay (They/Them) is a passionate world builder, calling new inclusive futures of disability thriving into focus. Shay weaves their visions and desires for change into a constellation of multi-disciplinary artistic projects spanning film, dance, immersive performance experiences and textile arts; provoking a new social consciousness of what it means to be disabled. 


As a disability consultant, bridging between disability justice futures and the everyday decisions that call these futures into being, Shay skillfully guides organizations through the foundational steps necessary to meaningfully include disabled people. Drawing on a background rooted in social policy, justice-based frameworks and relational care, Shay finds practical solutions for complex equity and inclusion scenarios.



Image Description: Shay, a white, non-binary, trans-masc human looks directly at the camera grinning. They have short brown hair that is cut close on the sides and longer on the top. They have facial piercings in their eyebrow and nose. Shay is wearing a short-sleeve button-down shirt that is dark blue and has a green and maroon plant pattern all over it.  

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